Education Committee

Dedicated to the advancement of Maryland District 4 residents by seeking out employment opportunities and actively promote the growth of an individual’s employment marketability with a goal of everyone “Doing the 25 PLUS!”  

The minimum education goal to be achieved by every individual in the U.S. should not be less than the education level that would support an employer paying $25 per hour.  The current mindset of many individuals today is that their education stops after completing high school or achieving a post high school education that does not have a marketability of $25 or more.  We must reset that mindset to “Doing the 25 Plus”, a concept that measures education achievement not by the level of a degree but to the wage that education achievement will command in the open job market to not be less than $25 per hour.

“Doing the 25 PLUS” is our initiative to encourage everyone to continue their education effort after completing high school to a higher level that supports their desired wage.  This can be done through skills training, certification in a trade, participating in internships, earning a college degree or starting a business of their own as ways to advance each individual’s employment value with a goal to exceed earning a wage of $25.00 or more per hour.  High school is intended and designed to provide a broad general education and the tools to live life in our society.  “Doing the 25 Plus” looks to help the individual establish a personal wage earning goal and personalize their remaining education requirements path necessary to attain a wage that will support their desired life style.


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