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We are a Nation in Crisis

Take a moment and be honest with yourself.  Do you feel secure?  Are you feeling financially stable?  Do you like where you see our leadership spending your tax dollars?  How is retirement looking for you?  When you cut away all of the fluff Washington would like you to believe, you know in your gut that we have big problems and serious issues that must be addressed.  I am NOT a politician but am uniquely qualified with a distinguished record in dealing with the exact problems that we all face today.  Elect me to Congress and let me do what I know how to do to save our country and our way of life.

David L. Therrien, J.D.
USMC / USN      Retired



David Therrien's Top Issues

The issues of today are truly CRISES that mandate that you choose the BEST person for the job, vote for me and send me to the Hill to correct the situations that should never have occurred but that do exist today.  Don't you think you should elect a Representative  that CAN and WILL make changes to get our Great Country back "ON COURSE."  We will make it Whole again!

Our Country is in CRISIS

We have to OWN the words Weak, Crisis, Attack, Smoothering, Suffering, Threatened, Behind and the horrible positions we are in because of the situations they describe.   Read More.

Health Care

Our Nation is in a Healthcare CRISIS. People cannot afford the monthly premiums and are opting to pay the penalty instead while the heavy hitting Insurance companies are pulling out.               Read More.

Putting Islam in Perspective

There are 1.6 billiion Muslims in the world practicing Islam.  Do Muslims exist that are not Terrorists and what is their contribution to the United States?  Read More.

National Debt

Our Multi-Trillion Dollar Deficit is SMOOTHERING Us. With a 2% growth rate, the U.S. cannot afford the debt and higher taxes for the common man are coming to the rescue!  Read More.

High Unemployment Rates

Our Unemployed are SUFFERING from a lack of high paying jobs. The global economy require a trained labor force not present in the U.S. and companies are leaving in Droves.  Read More.

National Security

Our National Security is THREATENED by Terrorism and Unbridled Immigration.  Our military cannot sustain a 1.5 Theatre front without our Reserve units.              Read More.

Education System

Our Education System is Leaving Our Youth BEHIND - Unprepared for the Future.  Our adult population needs retraining opportunities that do not exist.  Read More

Issue of a
WEAK Economy

Our Economy is WEAK at best and the 19 Trillion dollar deficit is headed to 25 Trillion and still President Obama keeps shipping them into the U.S.  Read More

Religious Intolerance and Racism

Religious intolerances are surfacing from UNFOUNDED fears of Church controlling State and we are hurting Non-Christian feelings, Really?   Read More.

Issue of Ending Poverty
Open Markets Drive Poverty to Extinction

What are Free Enterprise and Small Business Opportunities the answer to our issues of getting out of poverty, accruing personal wealth, economic freedom and not Socialism?  Read More.

Issue of
Stopping Gun Violence

Gun violence can be lowered to a lesser level but until man no longer hurts one another and mental health is completely qualified and documented, the 2nd Amendment is the Answer.              Read More.

What Qualifies Dave For Office?

Experience that Matters

David Therrien has experienced first hand, the negative impact that both our residents and businesses have been subjected to by our county’s leadership. It’s time for change! Learn More

Change & Believe

VOTE for me and I promise to ATTACK these issues

- David Therrien


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